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Frequently Asked Questions
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General FAQs

Q: How can I contact Markcheck Publishing?
A: You may contact us through e-mail, contact form, telephone, fax or mail at:
    Markcheck Publishing
    P.B. # 56058, 407 Laurier Ave. West
    Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1R 7Z1
    Tel: 613-746-3424
    Fax: 613-746-9734

Q: What is the availability of the products?
A: Our products are normally in stock and can be shipped within forty-eight hours of receiving your order.

Q: Is there any overlap in content between publications?
A: Yes, there is a bit of overlap between The Marketer's Handbook and Events Project Management.

Q: In what languages are the publications available in?
A: Our publications are published in the English language only.

Q: How can we preview samples?
A: We will send out sample packages as an e-mail attachment. We do not send out demonstration CDs or Disks. Samples cannot be downloaded from our Website.

Q: Can I review any of the products or samples from them prior to ordering?
A: Free random sample checklists from selected sections can be forwarded by e-mail for your perusal. Regretfully, we cannot send out the publications for review and evaluation prior to ordering. These are expensive publications to produce and any marks, scratches, bends or dents would make them unsaleable.

Q: Are there any charges for the sample checklists?
A: No. Sample checklists are provided free of charge.

Q: Can individual checklists be copied?
A: Individual checklists can be copied for internal use only. Reproduction of an entire publication is not permitted. Copyright regulations and laws do apply.

Q: How much do the publications cost:
A: Please refer to the online order form for current pricing.

Q: How are we going to pay your company?
A: Payment can be made by cheque, money order, bank draft, or bank transfer, payable to Markcheck Publishing.

Q: What are the payment terms and billing for the products?
A: An invoice will be included with the shipped product. Payment is due on receipt of invoice. Payment on orders outside Canada and the United States is required in advance, prior to shipping product.
For orders outside Canada, payment in US dollars (USD) is required.
Cheques can be sent, payable to Markcheck Publishing.
Electronic bank transfer is strongly encouraged.
Credit cards are not accepted at this time. However, this is reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Q: Are there discounts available?
A: A discount can be offered on the purchase of multiple quantities of each product or combinations of products, ordered at the same time. Group discounts (i.e. for educational institutions, etc) are negotiable.

Q: To whom do we issue a Purchase Order?
A: A Purchase Order can be issued to Markcheck Publishing.

Q: Will an invoice be sent?
A: After receiving your order, the pricing will be confirmed, and an invoice will be sent via e-mail or fax, for preparation of payment. The original invoice will be included with the shipment.

Q: How will the publication be shipped?
A: The publication will be shipped out via DHL Worldwide Express and is usually delivered next day in Canada and the United States. International shipments can take from two to seven business days for delivery.

Q: From who are Markcheck's publications available from?
A: Markcheck's publications are available for purchase direct from Markcheck Publishing. Resellers do contact us from time to time on behalf of individual clients.

Q: Does Markcheck Publishing publish updates?
A: Markcheck's publications are updated from time to time and customers are informed of these updated publications.

Q: Is there a subscription for updates?
A: No. There is no subscription for updates at this time.

Q: Are there customers within a certain geographic area or certain sectors who may be contacted about the publications?
A: When requested, we can provide the names of one or two customers (if they exist) who have purchased the publication in your geographic area or sector.

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FAQs about
Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach

Q: What is included in "Events Project Management"?
A: The product is a publication printed on 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper, with tab inserts, in a customized three ring binder, diskettes included, weighing approximately 10 pounds (5 Kgs) in total.

Q: What is the price of "Events Project Management"?
A: Please see the order form for pricing and shipping information.

Q: Is "Events Project Management" available in electronic format?
A: Yes. Please see the order form for format and pricing information.

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FAQs about
Organizing Your Association: A Checklist Approach

Q: What is included in "Organizing Your Association"?
A: The product is a publication of two volumes, available in electronic format only.

Q: What is the price of "Organizing Your Association"?
A: Please see the order form for format and pricing information.

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FAQs about
Project Management Handbook of Checklists

Q: What is included in "The Project Management Handbook of Checklists"?
A: The product is a publication that is available as a set of four volumes on one CD-ROM.

Q: What is the price of "The Project Management Handbook of Checklists"?
A: Please see the order form for format and pricing information.

Q: Are there instructional materials included for training purposes?
A: No. There are no instructional materials available.

Q: Are the checklists approved or certified by the Project Management Institute?
A: No. The checklists are not approved or certified by the Project Management Institute.

Q: Can individual volumes of the "Project Management Handbook of Checklists" be purchased?
A: No. There has not been enough of a demand to continue offering individual volumes for sale.

Q: What format is "The Project Management Handbook of Checklists" in?
A: CD-ROM, in Adobe Acrobat Reader Format

Q: Are all 4 volumes included on the CD-ROM?
A: Yes. All 4 volumes are included on the one CD-ROM.

Q: Is the CD-ROM NT compatible?
A: The CD-ROM can be used with Windows NT 3.5 version or later.

Q: What are the licensing requirements/limitations for the CD-ROM?
A: Use of the CD-ROM is governed by a licensing agreement that is included on and with the CD-ROM.

Q: What formats are available on the CD-ROM? (MS Word? Wordperfect? HTML or other web-enabled formats?)
A: The CD-ROM has been setup in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Software is included on the CD-ROM). This provides the flexibility to do key word searches, take advantage of the various comprehensive list of bookmarks and hyperlinks setup within the text, print individual pages, and copy and paste into your own format.

Q: Can the CD-ROM operate on a LAN, Network or Intranet?
A: Yes, it will operate on a LAN, Network or Intranet.

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FAQs about
The Marketer's Handbook: A Checklist Approach

Q: What is included in "The Marketer's Handbook"?
A: The publication includes 30 Chapters plus Table of Contents, Introduction, Indexes & References, all on one CD-ROM.

Q: What is the price of "The Marketer's Handbook"?
A: Please see order form for pricing information.

Q: Is this publication available in printed format?
A: No. "The Marketer's Handbook" is only available in CD-ROM format.

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