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Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach

Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach

Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach

Events management is big business these days. Markcheck Publishing has developed a Checklist Approach to assist those who plan and manage special events.

Events Project Management was first published in 1992. It started as a project that evolved over 3 years as a result of recognizing the need for a systematic approach to planning and implementing special events. It is a tool that can assist organizations and individuals to identify, and deal with the necessary issues and details, to hold a successful event.

The need for this book became evident after the author's personal experiences with organizations who encountered difficulties in planning and executing their events. Good intentions, without a focus or process, leads to confusion and chaos.

Testimonial Quote Events Project Management Handbook of Checklists was written to help individuals and organizations better plan, organize and execute their various events. It is a practical reference tool that is continuously evolving.

The second edition was published in February, 1997 and contains many improvements that are a result of receiving customer feedback. Close to 200 hours have gone into updating the book. There are 97 sections covering event types/ideas, planning decisions, logistical issues, protocol, volunteers, sponsorship, revenue sources, facilities, services, program, ceremonies, marketing, prizes, and registration, to name a few. The book's 434 pages are packaged in a customized 3 ring binder that includes a diskette so that organizations can customize and update the checklists to meet their needs.

Since 1990, Mark Hiltz has spent more than 500 hours researching, accumulating, collecting, reviewing, organizing, developing and formulating events information into the checklists. He has used his many years of experience in planning events to capture this information and generate the checklists.

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Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach It consists of:

Customized 3 ring binder, 434 pages, 97 sections, complete with tab inserts and diskette. Information can be retrieved using MS Word or Word Perfect formats on Windows 98 and subsequent operating systems.

Note: There are very limited quantities of the Binder Remaining. After these run out, the publication will be available in electronic form only.
The publication is only available in english.
ISBN #0-9697202-6-2

Product Dimensions and Weight:

Packaged in a 3 inch, 3 ring binder
Weight is 10 pounds (5 Kgs) (packed for shipping)

Testimonial Quote

How customers are using it:

Testimonial Quote

  • To plan and organize special events.
  • As a helpful guide and a reminder of activities and tasks which may otherwise get overlooked.
  • To help stimulate the ability to brainstorm against what is provided in the checklists.
  • As a handy reference for staff and volunteers.
  • To develop and customize their own manual.
  • For planning a regional conference.

Types of Events Its Being Used On:

  • Golf Tournaments
  • Dinner functions
  • Fundraisers
  • Sporting Events
  • Campaigns
  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Promotions
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Conventions
  • Recreation Programs

Topics covered include

  • Event Types/Ideas
  • Research
  • Event Plan/Description/Proposal
  • Considerations
  • Planning Decisions
  • Logistical Issues
  • Protocol
  • Contingency Planning
  • Organization/Volunteers
  • Sponsorship
  • Date Selection Considerations
  • Location/Venue Selection
  • Audience/Participants
  • Revenue Sources/Expenditures
  • Event Management
  • Site/Facility Requirements
  • Services To Be Provided
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Legal
  • Financial Arrangements
  • Contracts/Procurement
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Food/Catering/Beverages
  • Program
  • Ceremonies
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Merchandising
  • Public/Media Relations
  • Production
  • Invitations
  • Tickets
  • Event Information/Statistics
  • Printing
  • Identification
  • Forms
  • Scheduling
  • Information Booth/Lost and Found
  • Accommodations
  • Supplies/Materials
  • Dress/Costumes
  • Equipment
  • Signage
  • Prizes/Gifts/Awards
  • Decorations
  • Displays/Exhibits
  • Physical arrangements/setup
  • Transportation
  • Site Parking/Crowd Contro
  • Officials/Judges/Referees
  • On Site Management
  • Registration
  • Audio/Visual
  • Setup/Take down
  • Post Event

Take a look at which industries are using Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach.

  • Associations (Non profit, Charitable, Professional, Cultural, Sports)
  • Corporations (Promotions and Special Events)
  • Education/Training Testimonial Quote
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Governments
  • High Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Business Services
  • Consultants

Some of the benefits of using Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach.

  1. Avoids unneccessary problems during the event, since all preparations have been covered.
  2. Helps to keep track of the complexities of event planning.
  3. It is supplied with a diskette which allows the user to customize it to meet their specific requirements.
  4. Sheets can be removed, copied and circulated to others.

Some of the benefits of using any of the Markcheck Publications

  1. Makes your job easier.
  2. Avoids costly errors and saves time.
  3. A one stop full-package solution.
  4. Stimulates creativity
  5. Reduces the oversight of important factors
  6. Helps to trigger thoughts and generate new ideas.
  7. Provides a starting point.
  8. Takes the guess work out of what you have to think about.
  9. Assists you in becoming more organized, flexible and more productive.
  10. Facilitates planning and goal setting.
  11. Easy to follow and use.
  12. Reduces initial pandemonium.
  13. Eliminates re-creating the wheel.

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