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About Us

Markcheck Publishing, is a progressive, independent publisher based in Ottawa, Canada. Since 1994, we have developed, published and distributed packaged, knowledge-based information products to global markets. Our products are being used in 85 countries globally, by more than 50 sectors, and over 100 different industry groups to date. 90% of all products sold are exported.

Markcheck's products are reference tools, that are content driven and comprehensive handbooks, in checklist format, that address specific topic areas, to meet customer needs. They cover key issues and items to be considered and actioned. These tools enable people to focus on organizing programs, projects, events and special activities.

Markcheck Publishing is owned and operated by business entrepreneur Mark Hiltz. Mr. Hiltz has developed and organized the knowledge based, internationally recognized, information products. These products have been developed over a significant period of time. The work involves establishment of a framework, extensive research and information collection from many sources, reading and reviewing, selecting and organizing the information, formulating and developing checklists, and editing and packaging into a format that provides useful information for our customers.

Our products take the worry out of guessing what has to be done by enabling users to undertake activities in an organized, sequential and methodical manner that ensures success. Our products challenge you to think about what you have to do and the questions you need to ask. Markcheck asks, "Have you forgotten anything?" This results in saved time, increased productivity and improved confidence in critical decision making. Important elements are never forgotten and costly errors are avoided. The products are comprehensive, flexible, user friendly, and offer a wide array of choice and selection. They are unique and different from other publications available.

The publications are available in electronic form (CD-ROM or diskette). They are unique and generic enough to appeal to many different sectors and professions. These include corporations, governments, business services, small businesses (SOHO-small office, home office), institutions, media and entertainment, associations, community and interest groups, information resellers and individuals.

Markcheck's portfolio of products include:

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About The Author

Mark Hiltz is a leader, entrepreneur, businessman, author, lecturer, and marketing practitioner living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has held a variety of management and advisory positions in the public, private and volunteer sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Mount Allison University, is a licensed Professional Engineer and has been a Project Management Professional. He also holds certificates in Management, Marketing, International Trade and Small Business.

Mr. Hiltz is the author of the following publications: The Marketer's Handbook: A Checklist Approach, Organizing Your Association: A Checklist Approach, Project Management Handbook of Checklists, and Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach. He is a frequent lecturer and has given courses in project management, communications management, international trade and personal development.

Mr. Hiltz has spent over 18 years as a volunteer in association management and has made valuable contributions to many professional and charitable associations. He has served in a wide variety of positions, including President, Vice President, Secretary and Director of Program, Membership, Professional Development and Education, Marketing and Promotion and Fundraising. In one association alone, he contributed over 6,000 volunteer hours and had a role to play directly and indirectly in almost every facet of the operation of the organization. In recognition of his valuable contributions, Mr. Hiltz was presented with the Outstanding Chapter Presidents Award from the Project Management Institute, of Pennsylvania, in 1995. He is a past vice-president, volunteer development, for the American Marketing Association - Ottawa Chapter.

Mr. Hiltz has worked as a Project Manager in both the public and private sectors. He has headed up several different projects in the areas of operational facilities relocation, communication systems, facility program management, professional certification, renovations, relocations/moves, special events, construction, plant/facility modifications and upgrades and broadcast facilities installations.

He has used his practical experience, knowledge gained and a wealth of information collected over many years to develop and organize his publications.

He has been a member of a number of Professional Organizations including the Professional Engineers of Ontario, the Project Management Institute, the Canadian Society of Association Executives, American Marketing Association, Canadian Marketing Association - Ottawa Chapter, The Canadian Public Relations Society, Ottawa-Carleton Board of Trade and Kiwanis International.

Mr. Hiltz is a native of Truro, Nova Scotia.

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Markcheck's Accomplishments:

  • Celebrating 10th anniversary in 2004.

  • Developed and produced four publications, involving over 6,000 hours of work.

  • Marketed, sold and exported publications to organizations and individuals in more than 80 countries to date.

  • Achieved significant gains in sales and visibility internationally. 90% of products sold are exported.

  • Have made all publications available in electronic form.

  • Completed over 40,000 mailings alone in 2000, to companies and individuals all over the world.

  • Have sold hundreds of copies of the Project Management Handbook of Checklists all over the world.

  • Have surveyed customers on all products for their input and feedback for future updates.

  • Had a web site created and online in 1998.

For more information, contact:

Mark Hiltz
Markcheck Publishing
Tel: 613-746-3424
Fax: 613-746-9734

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